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Your Comprehensive Guide to CooperVision’s MiSight Contact Lenses

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Myopia, or nearsightedness, has become a growing concern worldwide. More children are being diagnosed with myopia at an early age, raising questions about its long-term impact on their eye health. Parents and eye care professionals increasingly seek practical solutions for myopia control to ensure a brighter future for these young eyes.

Imagine a world where your child's myopia isn't just corrected but actively managed. MiSight lenses are more than contact lenses; they're a game-changer in myopia control.

This article will delve into the revolutionary technology behind MiSight lenses and how they redefine how we approach childhood myopia.

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What are MiSight Lenses Used For?

MiSight lenses are not your standard soft contact lenses. They embody a unique dual-focus design, providing alternating distance correction and treatment zones. This innovative approach influences peripheral optics, effectively modifying how light focuses on the peripheral retina. The result? Reduced eyeball elongation, slowing myopia progression and lowering the risk of developing high myopia.

How Do MiSight® 1 Day Lenses Differ from Regular Contacts?

Standard contact lenses focus solely on correcting myopia, offering clear vision without addressing progression. Unlike regular lenses, MiSight lenses feature specialized treatment zones surrounding the central area. This distinction empowers MiSight® 1 Day Lenses to control myopia progression actively.

What to Expect During a MiSight® 1 Day Contact Lens Fitting?

During a MiSight fitting, our experienced team at will work closely with you and your child. We aim to obtain precise measurements for the lenses and provide a comprehensive education.

We will explain how MiSight lenses work, ensuring you and your child understand the process. This education includes step-by-step guidance on managing the lenses effectively over the coming years.

Many children notice positive results within a month of consistent MiSight lens use. The easy-to-use, 1-day disposable lenses require minimal maintenance, and over 90% of children prefer wearing them to glasses.

How Does it Control Myopia Progression?

The secret to controlling myopia progression lies in MiSight's innovative dual-focus design. By correcting distance vision and addressing myopia progression, these lenses actively work to slow down the rate of prescription change, leading to a brighter future with a reduced risk of developing severe vision problems.

Four Reasons for MiSight® 1-Day Contacts

Are you wondering if CooperVision MiSight® 1-day contact lenses are a good choice for your child? Here are four reasons you may want to consider them:

Ease of Use: MiSight lenses are 1-day disposable lenses, making them a perfect choice for children and teens. Your child won't need to worry about lens care, disinfection, or the fear of losing a lens. Learning how to insert and remove the lenses is straightforward, with less than 10% of children needing parental assistance.

Boost in Self-Esteem: For some children, wearing glasses can lead to insecurity and concerns about teasing from friends. MiSight lenses allow kids to enjoy clear vision without altering their appearance. These lenses help them see better and maintain their unique style and self-esteem.

Future Vision Protection: Myopia worsens during childhood and stabilizes in adulthood. However, the severity of myopia increases the risk of eye conditions in adulthood, such as glaucoma, cataracts, retinal detachment, and even blindness. By slowing myopia progression, MiSight lenses can significantly reduce the chances of these vision problems.

Enhanced Independence: Even individuals with low levels of nearsightedness may require glasses for specific activities, such as driving or watching a movie. MiSight lenses offer a convenient and effective way to reduce dependence on glasses, granting your child potentially increased freedom and flexibility.

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Why is Myopia Control Important?

Slowing myopia progression is crucial for your child's long-term eye health. While glasses may correct vision, they don't actively address the underlying issue of myopia development. MiSight lenses offer a proactive approach to myopia control, ensuring a brighter future for your child's vision.

Contact to schedule a fitting for MiSight lenses and take the first step toward managing your child's myopia.